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You are a busy professional focused on running your store, the last thing you want to worry about is how to build a website for your company and sell your goods online. There are a million different companies online; there are a thousand e-commerce platforms available. Which is the right one? What payment gateway should I use? What is a domain name and why do I need one? How does SSL Work?
Selling products online and running your website is a headache and takes years to find the right winning combination. We have been building successful online stores for companies just like yours 120 months and running.
We have formulated a winning e-commerce strategy that ranks highly within GOOGLE SEO, converts higher than 2% of all web traffic and utilizes the latest in web 3.0. Deciding on the right platform is just half the work, next, comes the design. A well-designed site has been proven to help convert sales by up to 50%. One of our strengths that clearly sets House of BX apart from the competition is our strong creative department. Accompanied with some of the world’s top developers, makes a world-class shopping experience.


House of BX manages all aspects of your e-commerce business, weaving the subtleties of your brand into every aspect of your online business.

In order to fully run an online store you need a complete toolbox. If you were building a house, you would employ a carpenter, contractor, architect and construction workers to complete the task. Running an online store is very much the same. You require developers, designers, photographers and customer service agents professionally trained to develop world class websites.


To put it simply, we create to your company a beautiful online store & website. Taking your feedback and direction into consideration, we collaboratively bring your vision to life on the web. Our goal is to make sure the site drives sales.


Professional photography is 80% of what makes a great website and a high converting platform. The team consists of 3 photographers in the field and in studio, utilizing the latest professional grade Canon equipment on the market.


The biggest challenge of any online website is getting visitors to the site. This is where we help to strategize a marketing plan after the site is launched and continue to maintain and develop the site further along the process to ensure continued success.


As part of the full suite of services, we offer professional & courteous customer service agents, available via email or phone. Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm PST. Phone and chat times can all be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Live chat services can also be enabled for Tier 1 clients.


Run your business and allow us to fulfill your online orders, we can tailor a fulfillment plan based on your needs. For locals in the Southern California area we can arrange for bi-weekly pick ups of goods to ship or daily shipments if the demand has grown considerably, always a good problem to have.


We have 30,000 sq. feet of warehouse space available throughout Southern California. For Tier 1 clients, the products can be stored and orders fulfilled directly from our facilities.



We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the custom solutions available to service your brand’s online strategy.

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